Papers and Patents


Combustible Tobacco Product Design System And Method

JC Dias, S Kaiser, MCA Marcelo, FLF Soares, JAA Quintero, DD Conty, OFS Pontes, GP Sabin

WO 2021/019225 A1, Feb. 04,2021

Apparatus and method for classifying a tobacco sample into one of a predefined set of taste categories

OFS Pontes, GP Sabin, JRP da Silva, JC Dias, S Kaiser

US Patent App. 16/315,436, 2019.

Fast High–Resolution Mass Spectrometry and Chemometrics for Evaluation of Sensory Parameters of Commercial Coffee Blends

VGK Cardoso, GP Sabin, LW Hantao

Brazilian Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 2021, 8 (00), pp 00–00.

Chemosensory aerosol assessment of key attributes for tobacco products

FLF Soares, MCA Marcelo, JC Dias, LC Juliano, LMF Porte, LS Canova, JA Ardila, OFS Pontes, GP Sabin, S Kaiser

Journal of Chemometrics 34 (12), e3297, 2020.

Fast inline tobacco classification by near-infrared hyperspectral imaging and support vector machine-discriminant analysis

MCA Marcelo, FLF Soares, JA Ardila, JC Dias, R Pedó, S Kaiser, ...

Analytical Methods 11 (14), 1966-1975, 2019.

Analysis of chemosensory markers in cigarette smoke from different tobacco varieties by GC × GC-TOFMS and chemometrics

TG Schwanz, LVV Bokowski, MCA Marcelo, AC Jandrey, JC Dias, ...

Talanta 202, 74-89, 2019.

Innovative approaches for estimating the levels of tobacco-specific nitrosamines in cured tobacco samples

S Kaiser, FLF Soares, JA Ardila, MCA Marcelo, JC Dias, LMF Porte, C Gonçalves, OFS Pontes, GP Sabin

Chemical research in toxicology 31 (9), 964-973, 2018.

High-throughput simultaneous quantitation of multi-analytes in tobacco by flow injection coupled to high-resolution mass spectrometry

S Kaiser, JC Dias, JA Ardila, FLF Soares, MCA Marcelo, LMF Porte, ...

Talanta 190, 363-374, 2018.

Mapping the polymorphic forms of fexofenadine in pharmaceutical tablets using near infrared chemical imaging

AM Brondi, LA Terra, GP Sabin, JS Garcia, RJ Poppi, MG Trevisan

Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy 22 (3), 211-220, 2014.

Chemometric strategies applied to the study of chemical images: new possibilities for the characterization of pharmaceutical products and processes

GP Sabin, 2013.

Characterization of semi-solid Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery Systems (SEDDS) of atorvastatin calcium by Raman image spectroscopy and chemometrics

MC Breitkreitz, GP Sabin, G Polla, RJ Poppi

Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis 73, 3-12, 2013.

Characterization of sildenafil citrate tablets of different sources by near infrared chemical imaging and chemometric tools

GP Sabin, VA Lozano, WFC Rocha, W Romão, RS Ortiz, RJ Poppi

Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis 85, 207-212, 2013.

Fingerprinting of sildenafil citrate and tadalafil tablets in pharmaceutical formulations via X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry

RS Ortiz, KC Mariotti, NV Schwab, GP Sabin, WFC Rocha, EVR de Castro, ...

Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis 58, 7-11, 2012.

Multivariate curve resolution combined with gas chromatography to enhance analytical separation in complex samples: A review

LW Hantao, HG Aleme, MP Pedroso, GP Sabin, RJ Poppi, F Augusto

Analytica chimica acta 731, 11-23, 2012.

Simultaneous analysis of first-line anti-tuberculosis drugs in tablets by UV spectrophotometry compared to capillary zone electrophoresis

L Marcellos, A Faria, M Souza, M Almeida, G Sabin, R Poppi, M Oliveira

Open Chemistry 10 (6), 1808-1816, 2012.

Development of an algorithm for identification and correction of spikes in Raman image spectroscopy

GP Sabin, AM Souza, MC Breitkreitz, RJ Poppi

Química Nova 35 (3), 612-615, 2012.

Development Of An Algorithm For Identification And Correction Of Spikes In Raman Imaging Spectroscopy

GP Sabin, AM De Souza, MC Breitkreitz, RJ Poppi

Quimica Nova, 2012.

Quantitative analysis of piroxicam polymorphs pharmaceutical mixtures by hyperspectral imaging and chemometrics

WF de Carvalho Rocha, GP Sabin, PH March, RJ Poppi

Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems 106 (2), 198-204, 2011.

Study of the similarity between distribution maps of concentration in near-infrared spectroscopy chemical imaging obtained by different multivariate calibration approaches

GP Sabin, WF de Carvalho Rocha, RJ Poppi

Microchemical Journal 99 (2), 542-547, 2011.

Analysis of pharmaceutical pellets: An approach using near-infrared chemical imaging

GP Sabin, MC Breitkreitz, AM de Souza, P da Fonseca, L Calefe, M Moffa, ...

Analytica chimica acta 706 (1), 113-119, 2011.

Increased analytical response by optimizing the injection system without dividing flow in gas chromatography using the ideal gas law

GP Sabin, OD Prestes, ML Martins, MB Adaime, R Zanella

Química Nova 34 (3), 414-418, 2011.

Analytical response enhancement through the optimization of the splitless injection system in gas chromatography by employing the ideal gas law

GP Sabin, OD Prestes, ML Martins, MB Adaime, R Zanella

Química Nova 34 (3), 414-418, 2011.

Multiresidue determination of pesticides in drinking water by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry after solid-phase extraction

GP Sabin, OD Prestes, MB Adaime, R Zanella

Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society 20 (5), 918-925, 2009.

Method Development and Validation using SPE and GC-MS for multiresidue determination of pesticides in drinking water

GP Sabin

Federal University of Santa Maria, 2007.