Brief introduction


Guilherme Post Sabin is chemist (2002) with master in chemistry (2007) at UFSM (development and validation of a method for pesticide analysis) and PhD in science (2013) at UNICAMP (chemometrics of hyperspectral imaging). In academy, he won several highlights and awards. In the industry, he has extensive experience in implementing applied chemistry for business intelligence. In 2017, he was awarded as Best Scientist in Global R&D, over 1200 scientists, at British American Tobacco. 


Professionally, he is a senior scientist with over 20 years of experience in analytical sciences for academic and business environments. From 2002 to 2009, he worked at Philip Morris, where he led work related to the technical requirements of the ISO 17025, in addition to acting in quality management and as auditor. He was a signatory of NBR/ISO 17025 (INMETRO – equivalent to NIST in USA) and acted as a level of responsibility for technical management. In addition, he was responsible for the development of several analytical methods, supervision of results and validation of all methods of the Central Laboratory of Quality Audit at Philip Morris Brazil. 


In 2011, during the PhD, Guilherme was a professor at the Oswaldo Cruz Graduate Center, advanced analytical chemistry course, chemometrics discipline. In the same period, he was consultant of chemometrics for Umetrics solutions in Brazil.  


In 2012, Guilherme was hired by British American Tobacco, as Analytical Research Specialist II, being responsible for evaluating all the analytical methods of the Product Centre Americas and for the creation of the Applied Chemistry Laboratory (new analytical and chemometric platforms). In 2013, he was promoted to Laboratory Manager I, and in 2016 for Laboratory Manager II. Main achievements: development of cutting-edge analytical technologies through a pipeline of innovation: from the field to the consumer; leveraged opex and capex for tens of millions of dollars (BAT Global R&D); formed a team of scientists with several masters, doctors and post-doctors, providing a pipeline of managers and specialists. In 2017, it won the Sir Charles Ellis Awards - Best Scientist of British American Tobacco (Global R&D), for the new analytical platforms focused on sensory attributes / flavor profiles and their connections with business.  


In 2018, he decided to assume the position of Scientific Director of startup, for the development of analytical instrumentation by spectroscopy and chemometrics in customized solutions for food-related business among others. In 2019, he evolved into a Joint Venture to develop fast and innovative methods in high resolution mass spectrometry associated with analytical intelligence. This state-of-the-art equipment was supplied by Waters Co for analytical market development. Among the main developments, it is possible to highlight rapid analysis (a few seconds) for beer, coffee, soil and clinical diagnosis.  


In 2020, he founded the OpenScience. This company provides consulting services for analytical development and chemical data science for business intelligence. This work aims to achieve key players and stakeholders of the brazilian market. Also, Guilherme is visiting professor at Unicamp and co-adivisor of doctoral thesis in chemical data science for business intelligence. 


Solutions implemented in the industry

Fast screening tools for high capacity diagnostics in genetic improvement; Discovery of markers for flavor differentiation; Agricultural recommendation approach based on targeted attributes; Crop Quality Index (IQS) by chemical fingerprint; Real-time analytical platform for tobacco quality classification and quantification of key compounds; Simultaneous laboratory diagnostics in a fast, simple and sustainable way; Determination of sensory attributes and flavor profile by innovative high performance analytical platform; Integrated multidimensional systems for deep knowledge of taste and odor molecules; Isolation protocols for biomarkers: from analytical to preparative scale; Characterization tools by chemical fingerprint (support for intellectual property, including identification of chemical compounds); Mapping of brands based on chemical composition for market analysis; Competitive intelligence, blending composition and reengineering tools; Implementation of a simulator for product development based on action standards (consumer preferences).

Sound experience in innovative analytical platforms for business

GCxGC-HRMS (automated platform for data analysis, compound identification and data integration based on literature information); 2DGC-HRMS-O-FC (artificial intelligence to identify odor composition); HTS-FIA-HRMS (product reengineering, sensory predictions, among others); REIMS via ultra-fast / real-time HRMS (food analysis in seconds, e.g. beer, coffee, soil, urine, etc.); LC-HRMS-IM untarget analysis with orthogonal techniques (applied in metabolomics protocols); LC-DAD-ELSD for isolation of markers on a semi-preparative scale; HSI (real-time chemical image for classification and simultaneous analysis of chemical compounds in tobacco); HSI (thesis with several applications in drug analysis); NIRS (production of high performance portable and benchtop equipment and solutions with applications in tobacco, fuel and soil); among others.

Academic background

Applied science to business experience

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